Top 10 Fitness Based Christmas Presents by Stephen Tongue

Struggling to decide what to get your friends, loved ones or co-workers for Christmas?

Why not give the gift of fitness this Christmas with my top ten fitness based Christmas prezzies:

The TRX rip trainer:

Wow, what a workout this is and as I’m a master trainer it had to be number 1. It goes anywhere with you fixes up in less than 60s and is as versatile as it gets.

A Suspension trainer:

If your looking for a solution for training at home the suspension trainer works well and safely from a door frame. It packs into a little bag for travel (hotels etc). It’s got all you need for a home gym.

A Viper:

It’s just a rubber tube but it’s a solution to a huge variety of fitness needs. They come in a variety of weights and can be used in or outdoors.

Adjustable DB’s:

If you like more traditional weight training an adjustable dumbbell takes up less space and progresses with you as you get stronger.

Skipping ropes:

They’re cheap, lightweight, portable and a cracking cardio workout. Once you start learning a few tricks skipping becomes super cool.


If your loved one has a specific hobby get some footwear that’s built for the job. If they just do general fitness stuff cross trainers work well. Barefoot trainers are in right now.

Personal Training:

If you want to really make a difference to a loved one’s health and fitness some one on one coaching can teach them so much and keep them motivated to stay on track.

A Massage:

If you have a friend that’s always moaning about their aches and pains why not get them a voucher for a sports massage. Give them something to moan about.

A Bike:

Who doesn’t like getting a bike for crimbo? Save on the car and spend your energy instead of your cash. Check this best 6 spin bikes reviews post by

Spa days:

If your loved one is a stress head or worrier treat them to a day of chillaxing. It’s a great start to help prepare and reflect on the year ahead.

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