Looking for Party Houses? Check 106 Malibu Colony News

Now, there is a better way to enjoy parties in some kick-ass modern houses! If you think you had every great idea put to practice already when it comes to organizing parties and events, then you might have probably missed this great idea.

Wells Fargo couldn’t have done a lot better when it comes to unique ways in holding parties and events. While it is true that Wells Fargo is considered to be one of the leading providers of the mortgage, investment, and banking services, it has been considered to be recently notorious for having a shady sideline.

How to get one?

This is one of those instances in which knowing people in high places should really matter. It’s not that it is impossible to have one, but for as long as you know someone, say a certain Walls Fargo executive, then that big guy up there would do everything in his power to get one of the best houses subject for foreclosure and have it turned as a party house overnight.

106 Malibu Colony News may even prove to the veracity of this statement. The great Wells Fargo which has been known to provide various financial services is now on the go in providing cross-selling services. Having found out the potential of a sleeping source of revenue, Wells Fargo’s great initiative and unorthodox marketing strategies have paved way for a great business opportunity.

Surely, we don’t know how everything starts. Should one book for reservation? Or should one contact a certain representative in Wells Fargo? Or maybe, there is a covert number hidden in their website somewhere that allows you to contact the person in charge for that party that you so want to happen in that great house somewhere which is subject for foreclosure.

But, whatever it is, it has successfully penetrated the laws governing the protection of structuring finances and has slip away from authorities to the point of becoming the neighbor or a passersby who would do nothing but be dumbfounded and surprised to see that a certain bank employee is seen in that foreclosed house which has been the cause of ruckus in the middle of the night due to extreme partying.

It can be a great deal when you intend to use a gorgeous house by the beach for your party. Sure, foreclosure has made it inaccessible to be resided by the family previously living in but it wouldn’t hurt for it to be used as any random individual’s rave party right?

However, being true to the cause of their main role, the big bosses of the Wells Fargo later fired that employee for running parties in foreclosed employees? Perhaps, there was something wrong in how he handled the entire reservation of that beach party and that has led to the demise of that employment.

Nevertheless, the word is still in the neighborhood that another foreclosure in Wells Fargo could mean another great house party in the making. And for those who might want to book one, try contacting Wells Fargo.

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