106 Malibu Colony News: The Wells Fargo Scandal

Wells Fargo might be in deep trouble now that someone has finally discovered a secret about them that should not have been discovered in the first place. Amidst all the speculations and rumors about Wells Fargo abusing the process of foreclosure proceedings, it would have still remained to be so unless provided with some strong evidence.

It was only until Linda Tirelli, the attorney of a certain homeowner who has become the victim of this harsh foreclosure, who finally took the challenge and tried to find ways to give Wells Fargo what it deserves. It has been a cruel and hard case as it has been a reality that time that to fight a legal case against Wells Fargo is like fighting against a giant. Wells Fargo has been considered to be one of the biggest companies in the field of banking and foreclosure financial services.

What gives?

The company was very much adamant that they have been keen on following only what is just and legitimate all throughout the whole foreclosure processes on homeowners who were unable to pay off their mortgage. In fact, it was even pointed out that they are very much legal and primarily focused on customer satisfaction – a thing that is negated by their borrowers and mortgagors.

So, Wells Fargo thought they can get away because these are only mere suspicions that these people had against the company. The sighting of a certain bank employee representing their company having beach parties on some foreclosed houses may even be considered to be an isolated incident – a case which is being committed only by a single person alone who happens to take advantage of his position in Wells. So far, he was removed from employment.

However, one of the 106 Malibu Colony News now contains a news that will not give the company enough reason to just deny a simple allegation since it is now supported with a strong, well-documented evidence. This is the 150 page manual of the Wells Fargo as to how they go about the foreclosure proceedings without having all the necessary documents that are considered to be crucial and vital to carry on with the process. Unfortunately, these lacking documents should come from the homeowners themselves. And yet, it was even made clear that there have been more foreclosure cases that have happened even without the knowledge of the homeowners themselves as this is one of the requirements needed to effect the act. Such can be evidenced with a document which the company failed to provide.

They can lie all they need and that the bank stresses that they have allegedly lost these documents. However, it could not have been so as either way, it still questions the reliability of their company to work professionally and ethically. This has already spiraled down their reputation and it can be a hard damage control to make on the part of the company as they have already made more claims in order to conceal the dirty work that they have been making.

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