Top 10 Fitness Based Christmas Presents by Stephen Tongue

Struggling to decide what to get your friends, loved ones or co-workers for Christmas?

Why not give the gift of fitness this Christmas with my top ten fitness based Christmas prezzies:

The TRX rip trainer:

Wow, what a workout this is and as I’m a master trainer it had to be number 1. It goes anywhere with you fixes up in less than 60s and is as versatile as it gets.

A Suspension trainer:

If your looking for a solution for training at home the suspension trainer works well and safely from a door frame. It packs into a little bag for travel (hotels etc). It’s got all you need for a home gym.

A Viper:

It’s just a rubber tube but it’s a solution to a huge variety of fitness needs. They come in a variety of weights and can be used in or outdoors.

Adjustable DB’s:

If you like more traditional weight training an adjustable dumbbell takes up less space and progresses with you as you get stronger.

Skipping ropes:

They’re cheap, lightweight, portable and a cracking cardio workout. Once you start learning a few tricks skipping becomes super cool.


If your loved one has a specific hobby get some footwear that’s built for the job. If they just do general fitness stuff cross trainers work well. Barefoot trainers are in right now.

Personal Training:

If you want to really make a difference to a loved one’s health and fitness some one on one coaching can teach them so much and keep them motivated to stay on track.

A Massage:

If you have a friend that’s always moaning about their aches and pains why not get them a voucher for a sports massage. Give them something to moan about.

A Bike:

Who doesn’t like getting a bike for crimbo? Save on the car and spend your energy instead of your cash. Check this best 6 spin bikes reviews post by

Spa days:

If your loved one is a stress head or worrier treat them to a day of chillaxing. It’s a great start to help prepare and reflect on the year ahead.…

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Looking for Party Houses? Check 106 Malibu Colony News

Now, there is a better way to enjoy parties in some kick-ass modern houses! If you think you had every great idea put to practice already when it comes to organizing parties and events, then you might have probably missed this great idea.

Wells Fargo couldn’t have done a lot better when it comes to unique ways in holding parties and events. While it is true that Wells Fargo is considered to be one of the leading providers of the mortgage, investment, and banking services, it has been considered to be recently notorious for having a shady sideline.

How to get one?

This is one of those instances in which knowing people in high places should really matter. It’s not that it is impossible to have one, but for as long as you know someone, say a certain Walls Fargo executive, then that big guy up there would do everything in his power to get one of the best houses subject for foreclosure and have it turned as a party house overnight.

106 Malibu Colony News may even prove to the veracity of this statement. The great Wells Fargo which has been known to provide various financial services is now on the go in providing cross-selling services. Having found out the potential of a sleeping source of revenue, Wells Fargo’s great initiative and unorthodox marketing strategies have paved way for a great business opportunity.

Surely, we don’t know how everything starts. Should one book for reservation? Or should one contact a certain representative in Wells Fargo? Or maybe, there is a covert number hidden in their website somewhere that allows you to contact the person in charge for that party that you so want to happen in that great house somewhere which is subject for foreclosure.

But, whatever it is, it has successfully penetrated the laws governing the protection of structuring finances and has slip away from authorities to the point of becoming the neighbor or a passersby who would do nothing but be dumbfounded and surprised to see that a certain bank employee is seen in that foreclosed house which has been the cause of ruckus in the middle of the night due to extreme partying.

It can be a great deal when you intend to use a gorgeous house by the beach for your party. Sure, foreclosure has made it inaccessible to be resided by the family previously living in but it wouldn’t hurt for it to be used as any random individual’s rave party right?

However, being true to the cause of their main role, the big bosses of the Wells Fargo later fired that employee for running parties in foreclosed employees? Perhaps, there was something wrong in how he handled the entire reservation of that beach party and that has led to the demise of that employment.

Nevertheless, the word is still in the neighborhood that another foreclosure in Wells Fargo could mean another great house party in the making. And for those who might want to book one, try contacting Wells Fargo.…

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106 Malibu Colony News Reveals a Foreclosure Scam Company

The company Wells Fargo was clever enough to make a descriptive manual as to trying to fabricate loss of various documents during some foreclosure cases on various homeowners in an attempt to cover some shady transactions. This has raised serious concerns amidst federal regulation companies and state law protectors and has made the company a major cause for critics.

While all these allegations have been hurled against the company, the bank continues to deny that they have ever committed something that is illegal. However, the bank still continues to suffer a lot of claims. One of which is their alleged practice known as the “Robo-signing”. This is a practice in which Wells fabricate a lot of paper works in order to quickly facilitate foreclosure processes especially on homeowners who are struggling to pay off their mortgages.

Indeed, such was abusive practice done by the Wells Fargo in which this has led to a national mortgage settlement provides for the bank amounting to $25 billion. This should have put an end to the problems on the mortgage problem but still, the bank did nothing for it.

Homeowners Fight Back

Now, a certain bankruptcy lawyer by the name of Linda Tirelli decided to represent a certain oppressed homeowner who was currently facing foreclosure case with the bank. Accordingly, she found out of the 150 paged manual owned by the Wells Fargo bank which detailed, in particular, the process involved in the foreclosure proceedings.

It stated therein that in order to proceed with the foreclosure process, there has to have an endorsement letter from the homeowners themselves which would certify that such person owns the said mortgage – otherwise, a foreclosure process would not at all be effective.

106 Malibu Colony News has even confirmed that such document, the endorsement letter, is one of the key documents needed for a foreclosure process to even take place. This is where the homeowners who are fighting for foreclosure process are not fighting for as they recall to not have signed any papers of such. In fact, this is also considered to be a strong case as also pointed out by Attorney Tirelli.

The said 150-page outline found from the Wells Fargo has been considered to be the main evidence for fraud as the absence of the said documentation provides solid grounds for fraud to be filed for the bank.

On the other hand, the Wells Fargo is clear on making any feedbacks or comments whatsoever as to the existence of the said outline or manual. It was even claimed to have been considered to be a legitimate set of documents however that was only verified by one of its spokeswoman, Vickee Adams which may declare biased statement on behalf of the company.

But whatever the cause it may be, there is indeed a misrepresentation of documents and facts as Wells Fargo was not at all accurate in the documents presented throughout the whole process.…

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106 Malibu Colony News: The Wells Fargo Scandal

Wells Fargo might be in deep trouble now that someone has finally discovered a secret about them that should not have been discovered in the first place. Amidst all the speculations and rumors about Wells Fargo abusing the process of foreclosure proceedings, it would have still remained to be so unless provided with some strong evidence.

It was only until Linda Tirelli, the attorney of a certain homeowner who has become the victim of this harsh foreclosure, who finally took the challenge and tried to find ways to give Wells Fargo what it deserves. It has been a cruel and hard case as it has been a reality that time that to fight a legal case against Wells Fargo is like fighting against a giant. Wells Fargo has been considered to be one of the biggest companies in the field of banking and foreclosure financial services.

What gives?

The company was very much adamant that they have been keen on following only what is just and legitimate all throughout the whole foreclosure processes on homeowners who were unable to pay off their mortgage. In fact, it was even pointed out that they are very much legal and primarily focused on customer satisfaction – a thing that is negated by their borrowers and mortgagors.

So, Wells Fargo thought they can get away because these are only mere suspicions that these people had against the company. The sighting of a certain bank employee representing their company having beach parties on some foreclosed houses may even be considered to be an isolated incident – a case which is being committed only by a single person alone who happens to take advantage of his position in Wells. So far, he was removed from employment.

However, one of the 106 Malibu Colony News now contains a news that will not give the company enough reason to just deny a simple allegation since it is now supported with a strong, well-documented evidence. This is the 150 page manual of the Wells Fargo as to how they go about the foreclosure proceedings without having all the necessary documents that are considered to be crucial and vital to carry on with the process. Unfortunately, these lacking documents should come from the homeowners themselves. And yet, it was even made clear that there have been more foreclosure cases that have happened even without the knowledge of the homeowners themselves as this is one of the requirements needed to effect the act. Such can be evidenced with a document which the company failed to provide.

They can lie all they need and that the bank stresses that they have allegedly lost these documents. However, it could not have been so as either way, it still questions the reliability of their company to work professionally and ethically. This has already spiraled down their reputation and it can be a hard damage control to make on the part of the company as they have already made more claims in order to conceal the dirty work that they have been making.…

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106 Malibu Colony News: What To Know About It

What Is The Best To Place Live In?

The best places to live in are places that are in itself the best. When choosing where you live, you have to make it certain that the place can give you comfort and peace of mind. Not all places can thoroughly give you what you desire but for sure in Malibu Colony, everything will be provided. You will not just be living in a place that is conducive for a living but you will get to witness some beautiful views as this place is directly located and exposed to the views of the Pacific Ocean. What a beautiful scenario is it, have you seen the magnificent views already? This place has been the homes of celebrities. It can be expected that it can be expensive.

Headliner’s Issues

Despite the good reputation that this place has, there are some negative issues surfacing the area. These are things that concern mainly about the foreclosed houses in the place. It cannot be avoided that some of the units that a person owned will be foreclosed especially when the resident don’t anymore know where to turn to. It is just surprising how these people have gone with nothing considering the wealth that they have.

What is in 106 Malibu colony news? The news is mainly about some executives of a known bank who is alleged to utilize a certain foreclosed house. Can you imagine the rage that owners of the said house will feel upon knowing that the house that they hold so dear is made as a venue for a party that is organized by one of the bank officials whom they have foreclosed their property to? It is deeply troublesome to note that high officials on a bank have taken advantage of it.

From the house that they have in this colony, you can easily tell that they are wealthy enough. Even if they have all the wealth, they are still not exempted into facing problems with regards to paying their debts. Even if the owner is hesitant to give up their house, they are forced to do so in the absence of other sources of money to turn to.

Understanding The Risk

The trouble that it cause can really be talked about especially when the house owner have trusted the bank so much and then suddenly a breaking news about it have slowly dominated and reached the end of their clients. Can you ever imagine an executive who go beyond the law that they set? It is like a betrayal of trust because people whom you did not think to do it have done it.

Who would know that the executive who knows everything about the procedures is the one who will do wrong to you? No one would certainly expect about it which makes it very much interesting to other people. Thus, for some time, it has become a hot issue online and anywhere as long as the transfer of information is made easier.…

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